About VCAT : Executive Team

Donne Grable

Vice President, Gaming Operations

Donne directs VCAT's gaming initiatives, including the company's relationships with major vendors and its advisory role in casino operations for Barona. Donne has spent his career implementing some of the gaming industry's most cutting-edge and revolutionary systems. He spent nine years at the Barona Resort and Casino, rising through the ranks to the position of Director of Slot Operations. During his tenure with Barona, Donne helped revolutionize gaming by implementing the first cross-platform ticket-in ticket-out technology across the entire Barona casino. Donne took his experience to Sierra Design Group for two years, where he served as Vice President of Video Lottery Terminal Operations, during which he launched the industry's first client-server Central Determination System.

Executive Team

Don Speer

Greg Shay
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin McIntosh
Chief Operating Officer & CFO

Dan Goldman
Executive Vice President, Internet Gaming

Peter Shaw
Executive Technology Advisor

Donne Grable
Vice President, Gaming Operations

Kelly Jacobs Speer
Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations