About VCAT : Executive Team

Peter Shaw

Executive Technology Advisor

Peter is responsible for advising VCAT clients on tactical and strategic technology initiatives. Prior to serving in his current role, he was managing director of his own consulting firm, Shaw Management Advisors, and also Procopio Business Advisors, where he was able to apply his extensive worldwide experience in technology-based companies as a manager, senior executive, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and director. Peter was also part of the initial team that developed the first CRM system focused on gaming and hospitality. He has founded or co-founded five companies that led to successful acquisitions. He has served on the boards of more than 15 companies, both public and private, representing investors, assisting the CEO, or as an outside director. His experience includes working managing and advising companies that specialize in enterprise solutions, security, health care IT, software, the Internet and Software as a Service. He currently serves on the board of non- profit organizations that benefit the technology and venture capital industries and is an active mentor to both undergraduate and graduate level business entrepreneurs.

Executive Team

Don Speer

Greg Shay
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin McIntosh
Chief Operating Officer & CFO

Dan Goldman
Executive Vice President, Internet Gaming

Peter Shaw
Executive Technology Advisor

Donne Grable
Vice President, Gaming Operations

Kelly Jacobs Speer
Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations